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            2019 Emmy Nominees In and Out of Character

            Check out our gallery of the nominees in the leading and supporting acting categories, as the characters they so brilliantly played and in real life

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            Which Oscar Nominee Did Alan Ruck Get Mistaken For?

            Alan Ruck of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and "Succession" plays "Never Have I Ever," where he shares his worst audition and how he was surprised to be mistaken for an Oscar nominee.

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            Top News

            It was a mixed bag of a weekend for Warner Bros. which saw It: Chapter Two deliver a strong hold and retain the weekend's #1 spot at the box office, but their new release, The Goldfinch, bombed, delivering one of the worst openings ever for a wide release. Alternatively, STXfilms's Hustlers exploded out of the gates with the studio's largest... See more »

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            Our Favorite Emmy Photos of All Time

            Revisit some classic and contemporary Emmys moments with our throwback gallery.

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            How 'It Chapter Two' Is a 3-Hour Monsterpiece

            The stars of It Chapter Two discuss how director Andy Muschietti went bigger and scarier in his sequel to the highest-grossing R-rated horror movie of all time.

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            Watch the 'Hustlers' Trailer With Director's Commentary

            Director-writer Lorene Scafaria and actor Constance Wu reveal their real-world inspirations for Hustlers.

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            Poll: TIFF 2019 — Gala Presentations


            More Polls

            What movie do you wish you could see at the Toronto International Film Festival? Discuss here after voting.

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